AHC Artwork Managmeent
CAMP User Conversion
Welcome to AHC's new artwork management system. If this is your first time seeing this page, you probably have not yet been setup to use the new artwork managmeent system. This wizard will guide you through setting up a username and password to access that system. This username and password will be setup in our NEW central user authentication system, which will be replacing our login process for all of our end-user sites (such as Provial.com, CAMP, Qtrak, Cartridge Tracking and Printer Support). This authentication system is already in place for our ePillboard system, Artwork Mangement Site (New) and our File Sharing service.

Step 1
Enter the username/password you used on the CAMP website to login.
Note: The username is probably your AHC Account #

CAMP Username:
CAMP Password:

Step 2
Enter the information below:

New Username:
Email Address:
Full Name:
Note: The 'New Username' field can be anything you like. Just be sure that if you have multiple accounts, it can be something you can remember and easily distinguish between each account. We will send you a 'New User Activation' email to this email address. Additionally, be sure you have access to the email account you enter above. We will send the activation email to that address.